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Bust 'Em Baits
Available in 6" - in a variety of colors
Excellent tail action for saltwater jigging
Hand Poured in Maryland

Specialized Baits
Hand made in Virgina.
Li'l Bunkers, & Bugs.
Large Selection of of sizes and colors.

Squidnation Blue Water Lures
Blue Water Lures
Mini Chuggers, Stub Masters, Fatdaddy Squids, Tuna Birds, Mauler Squids and More

Bass Kandy Delights (BKDs)
Available in 6" and 10" in a variety of colors
Deadly jigging plastics for Striper / Rockfish, Flounder, Croaker, Trout and More

Ruby Lip and Bullet Head Style Bucktails
All Hand Tied in Maryland
Featuring Mustad Hooks

Bucktail Tandem Rigs
Tandem Rigs Tied and Ready to Fish
Hand Tied in Maryland
Ruby Lips and Bullet Heads
With or without shad

Tsunami Swim Shads
High-contrast etched holographic foil and transparent finish patterns high quality swim patterns
 Multiple sizes and colors

Tsunami Tandems
Great Spring Summer and Fall Trolling Rigs for the Bay
Effective Alternative to Parachutes When the Jellies Hit

Jig Heads
Robust Jig Heads
Made in Maryland
1/2 ounce to 2 ounce
Great with Bass Assassins, BKDs or Bust 'Em Baits

Bass Assassins
Tried and true jigging plastics for the Mid Atlantic
Great action and durability
Available in 5" and 7" sizes.

Tsunami 6" Shad Bodies
Tsunami 6" Shad Bodies sold in bulk as bags of 25
Available in Chartreuse / Silver, Golden Bunker, Blue Back and Pearl / Spot

Value Packs of Shad
White and Chartreuse
6 inch or 9 inch
Packs of 6, 12 or 25

Blue Water Candy
High quality, highly effective offshore lures crafted in North Carolina
JAG Lures, Roscoe Jigs, Witches and more

Sweet Lips Striper Jigs
Sweet Lips Jigs are designed and manufactured on Cape Cod - The culmination of 30 years of fishing the Cape.

Parachute Lures - Naked and Rigged
Available Naked and Rigged
3 Head Styles
Handcrafted in Maryland
Mustad Quality Hooks

Tandem Parachute Rigs
Rigged with 9" shad and stinger hooks. Styles include Bullet Head, Banjo Eye, or Ruby Lip Parachutes

Umbrella Rigs
Hand rigged in Maryland for trolling the Chesapeake Bay
The rigs for the monster Stripers

Billy Bars
Same Function as Umbrella Rigs - Less Drag
Designed to Troll 6 Shad and 2 Chase Baits

Stillwater Smack It Lures
Stillwater Lures are constructed in the USA and have gained a strong following with fishermen on the East Coast

Atom Poppers
Legendary Atom Poppers
7/8 oz. up to 3 oz.
We have 'em in Blue-Silver, Silver-White and Red-Yellow

Rigging Supplies
Crimps and Crimpers
Stinger Hooks
Umbrella Frames
Umbrella Frames with Shad

Mann's Stretch
Dive to The Depth of Your Choice
Brilliant Holographic Finish
Look and Perform Like Baitfish

Surgical Hoses
Durable Construction
Excellent Trolling Lure

Drone Spoons
The Drone Spoon is the original artificial fishing lure
Highly polished solid stainless steel spoons featuring Mustad Hooks

Pet Spoons
Genuine Chrome Finish
Versatile Multi-Species Design
Heavy Duty Construction
Replaceable Hook Design

Got-Cha Lures
An excellent lure for Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Trout
Perfect for tossing into breaking schools of Blues

Hopkins Shorty & NO EQL
Stainless Steel Lures
Great for Distance Casting
Realistic Fish Action
Deadly Jigging or Trolling Lures

Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnows
Realistic Holographic Finish Deadly Top Water Action Excellent Castability

Custom Rigged Blue Water Lures

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